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If you are hired for a stateside position, are you automatically allowed to live on base?
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ecd5 Sometimes there's a waiting list (6+ months) and in some cases you do not have to have orders to the location before applying to base housing to get on the list. Military and retirees have preference over civilians. The mold issues, unfortunately, are issues in the houses that are typically leased to lower enlisted. Some reasons to live on base: so...See More
ecd5 Can you list the bases you are considering? We could help you find out if you can live on those bases.
Hello_Goodbye Thanks @ecd5, @Gumball, and @IsItFriday?...@ecd5, my question was really just generally asking. I don't have any specific bases that I was wondering about right now. I actually selected that I am open to being hired on any of the stateside bases, in hopes that it will increase my chances. I like @Gumball's advice to contact the housing office on ea...See More
HelpOthers You are permitted to live on most military bases, but there is not always housing available for civilians.
RL85 We live on post here at Fort Knox. We pay 950 a month for rent and do not have to pay for utilities. DoD civilians are only able to live in certain neighborhoods. Our neighborhood has very old homes, many homes have mold problems along with other issues. We also are not able to utilize the commissary or px.

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