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I noticed folks talking about EAS but the PD Specialist postings and ISS postings go through USA jobs. Do I have to do both?

Also, it seems like referrals only happen (or not) after a posting closes. Is this correct?

What's the difference between a PD Specialist and an ISS? The jobs have similarities so I'm wondering if there's a career progression aspect to the differences. Also, are they both located at the district office? Does one type of position travel more than the other?

Susan Also, the USA jobs application process does not ask for references and I've seen several posters mention references. Should I attach a list to my application?
Shawna11 I applied for both for the PD position as well. I think the biggest difference is the classification of GS 13. It requires the general experience AND two years of specialized experience( common with the GS 13) which differs from the ISS postings. I also think the PD positions will qualify for COLA but not LQA.

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