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Hi! Twice now, I have been placed on the referral list (I get the email) and within minutes I get a second email stating I wasn't selected.

Once, I was even contacted by the school to ask whether I was still interested in the interview. I replied yes but a week later I got the email stating I wasn't selected.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Is it normal?

Am I missing something?
haha It's not "not" normal. Some strange stuff happens or doesn't happen with DoDEA/the gov't, especially with EAS and automated notifications. My favorite was when someone posted that they received the notice that they were not selected for a position, AFTER they had already been hired and started the position.
IsItFriday? Ouch!

Sorry, I was laughing so hard, I fell off the church pew.

Read the thread "Randomized Referrals" in which some people insist that it's not random, and that there are specific criteria which are quantified, leading to a fair and balanced ranking system.

Suzia's experience is just another piece of evidence that the wh...See More
TGIF @IsItFriday, I think it's important to note that what has been expressed here from applicants, new hires, and seasoned workers already working with DoDEA, are experiences reflective of the entire system and should be food for thought for any potential new hire when making the decision to leap.
MsW Yes Travel Bug. What you said.

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