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Hello everyone. I have been ghosting on this board for a couple of years now and really appreciate the invaluable information given here. This really has been the best resource I've been able to find for information on DoDEA.

In reading various posts, I've noticed some of you have had experience working with international schools and am wondering as to the pros/cons of those schools vs DoDEA. I understand experiences and benefits can vary wildly based on what school you are teaching at and location, but am thinking more of the top tier schools. Is teaching at an international school respected in the public teaching realms? Would that experience be well regarded on a resume for DoDEA? In general, could you support a family on what international schools provide? (For context, I am looking to teach in Japan as my wife is from there and we have extended family there) Any information would be greatly appreciated, and I apologize if this question is a bit off topic for this board.
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HelpOthers In addition to the great information already provided:

In some countries, Japan included, there is a mandated retirement age. DoDEA does not currently have a mandated retirement age. If you plan to work in Japan as long as possible, that may be one benefit for DoDEA schools.

Also, depending on where your wife's family lives, the...See More
Jul 11
Cordelia There's more than 2 international schools in Japan. There's 20+ listed on ISR. ASIJ (American School in Japan) and YIS (Yokohama International School) are just probably the two best. There are numerous other decent ones. and some awful ones.
Jul 12
Cordelia Very true about the retirement age. Many countries won't give you a work visa after a certain age. Age 60 in China, for example. You avoid this issue with DoDEA.
Jul 12
kilroy077 Wow. Thank you all for the wealth of information. While I've been aware of the many international school websites available, I haven't paid into any of them yet. Perhaps I'm a bit too distrusting in nature, but I've been hesitant to pay into any of them for fear that they're just as much a scam as some of those lower tier schools. So thank you for ...See More
HelpOthers If you are hired from an international school in Japan to a DoDEA school in Japan without living in the USA during the application and offer time frame, you would likely not qualify for Living Quarters Allowance. That is also something to keep in mind if DoDEA is your ultimate goal.
Jul 13

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