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Hello All,

Please help understand what might be happening with this situation. I had one interview on Friday, was asked for a second interview today to be held on Wednesday. About 2 hours after receiving the email for time on the second interview, I received and email from the EAS system saying I wasn't selected for the position I am interviewing for on Wednesday. To top off this craziness, the EAS system email came in at 10:00 pm for the location I am interviewing for. Please help me understand this! Do I still have hope for the position?

Thank you!
Susan Did the two emails come from the same address? If not, then email the person requesting the interview to confirm the date but don't mention the other email.
Teach I agree with Susan. Also, don't put too much emphasis on those emails. The system seems to be even more out of whack than normal. I've had emails saying not chosen for a position I never received a referral for followed by an interview request for said position. Or interview requests with no referral. The administrator that requested your interview...See More
IsItFriday? I think you've got the makings of a great lawsuit, when it turns out that the superintendent's "niece" wins the job.

She was such an obvious choice that they gave her the job four days before they interviewed the other candidates.

Please get my handle correct, when you sell the rights to your story to Hollywood.
HelpOthers Ignore the automated e-mail. Ask the person who scheduled the interview if you are still interviewing or if the names for the position have already been given to HR. If you are still interviewing, just do your best and hope for the best.

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