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I just received an email that I was referred to an administrator for a potential interview. The job is one that I really want, so I wondering if it would be considered too forward if I contacted the administrator to express my sincere interest in the position even though I haven't been offered an interview yet?
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Jay Also I am curious if anyone has any experience or details they can give about teaching in Cuba ?
haha Currently, there is no real mechanism for internal moves with DoDEA for current teachers. There has been a transfer program in the past and it might come back again, but there are no guarantees.
Jay Thank you haha. When they pull the top 25 for referrals, is it just pulled by a computer or do the administrators review the applications and chose them ?
haha Apparently the referral list is generated by an algorithm or similar method/program. Admin then decide who to interview.
HelpOthers There could be 100 people on that referral list. USA Jobs pushes all qualified people into a referral list. If you have not been asked to interview, e-mailing may not help. Also, the interviews may be done through the superintendent's office.

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