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Does anyone know how the required Professional Evaluations work on EAS? Do evaluation forms go out to each of the evaluators that you list as soon as you put their information in EAS? If it says "yes' next to an evaluator's name that you listed, does that mean that they submitted an evaluation or just that you have listed them?
haha I believe the forms go out by email as soon as you list the evaluator and submit that section. The "yes" should mean that the form has been sent out to that person.
oldshack My electronic evaluations took a while to go out. I had to reach out to h.r. a few times They encouraged me to delete and resubmit. This eventually worked, it seemed confusing for my evaluators to recognize the email. They also let me know it was very short. It was different than the one that you can print out, which seems strange to me.
JeremyS Thank you for your responses. So, it sounds like the only way to know if the evaluator actually received it and returned it is to touch base with them? When they state that you are required to have 3 evaluations, does that only count when the evaluator has actually returned the form they were sent?
oldshack I did confirm with H.R. that everything was submitted, but I did reach out to those who I had fill out an evaluation too.

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