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I am really interested in working for DODEA, but have heard it is very difficult to get hired on. I would love any feedback about how I may be able to improve my chances.

I have a Masters of Education; I have seven years teaching experience in Math/Science and ELA at the elementary levelk; I was an Instructional Specialist for my district for two years; and I am currently in my third year as an Assistant Principal. I've given several district wide trainings at the district level and have participated in more professional development trainings than I can count. I am certified Generalist EC-8, ESL EC-8, and Principal EC-12. I am also a veteran with 5 point preference. Am I in a good position to land a position, or do I need to add something? Would adding certs improve my chances? If so, which ones should I focus on? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Educate If you can get science and math dodea "certified" you have a great chance with all your credentials. But it also depends on how many locations you are willing to go. If you only want Germany your chances will be much smaller than opening all of Europe and Japan etc.
JeremyS What is science and math DODEA "certified"? I taught math and science at the elementary level, but I'm not familiar with specific certifications for math or science at the elementary level. The state where I work only has cert for EC-4 or 4-8 Generalist, but not a specific math or science cert until high school level. I know there are different req...See More
Jan 10
haha In general, DoDEA cares more about credits than they do certifications. You are deemed qualified by DoDEA based on a review of your college credits and whether they meet the minimum requirements for a specific DoDEA certification. So, before you think about possibly adding certs, you should probably find out/figure out where you stand with DoDEA ri...See More

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