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If you get hired by the virtual school in Quantico, do you have to live close to the base? This would be for a permanent position and not a detail.
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IsItFriday? There's no ever-changing interpretation on some restrictive in-the-commuter-area nonsense, like you have with LQA.

You're an American. Quantico is in America. You're free to live wherever you can afford.

You can live anywhere you like. Just be at work on time.
Jul 17
Icanread Well, it would be a virtual job working from home so I'm wondering if I could live in another state or if I would have to live no more than a certain number of miles from the base. I will ask admin if I get a job offer.
Jul 17
Lovetotravel Virtual school teachers report to a physical office in each of the hubs, so you would need to live close enough to Quantico to be able to report to work. Before COVID, teachers worked from the office 3 days per week and 2 days from home to accommodate students in other time zones.
Jul 17
IsItFriday? @Icanread

Yes, I understand.

You can live anywhere you like. It's your decision whether your commute is 5 miles, or 500 miles.

Just be at work on time.
Jul 17
Icanread Oh, thank you, LovetoTravel. I didn't realize they worked at an office. That makes sense now!
Jul 18

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