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If you get a job with DOD overseas - what are the rules regarding taking children with you? My kids will be 21 and 23 in a couple of weeks. Would they be allowed to move with me and live with me? Or would it depend on the country? Thanks
IsItFriday? It will depend on various factors, and gets complicated for some families.

1. The DoD rules, and the ages of your children, and their school status (still in college).

2. Their citizenships (not everyone is an American citizen, and some people have dual citizenships.)

3. The host country and it's rules and any visa requir...See More
HelpOthers If your adult child is considered typically developing and able to eventually support themselves, the following is true currently in Japan and possibly in other countries, for your unmarried child. They may live with you until age 21 without additional documentation.

On their 21st birthday, they lose their ID (it expires on their 21st bir...See More
HelpOthers My above comment assumes parents and children are US citizens.
Lindaloo Thank you so much for the helpful information. :)
Jul 24
HelpOthers And I may be off by the number of days grace period. I could be 30 or 60 days. I cannot remember for certain.

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