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I will be headed to Okinawa in late August and will be working on Kadena AFB. Any suggestions where to live? I've joined some Facebook groups, but I don't see a lot of info on where teachers prefer to live. I'm worried about availability as well, because I have two medium-sized dogs. I've thought about applying for on base housing (former military family). Thoughts?
halcyon1 Update: On base housing won't be an option....Department of Defense Family Housing is assigned according to a priority system. Since there are not enough homes for all accompanied military families, on-post homes are not currently being offered to Department of Defense Civilians. (Okinawa Housing office)
Jul 27
Icanread Welcome to Okinawa! Yomitan and Uruma have lots of houses with yards and are 20-30 minutes from Kadena. We live on Araha beach and love being close to the beach and between the 2 biggest bases.
Jul 28
halcyon1 Thank you for the info! I now have a better idea what areas to search for housing.
Jul 28
HSSpedTeacher Look at for a variety of housing options. You may want to apply to the Facebook page Dodds Teachers Living the Okinawa Dream. Lots of info there.
Jul 29
halcyon1 @HSSpedTeacher Thanks for the info!
Jul 30

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