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Hey Everyone,

I have been offered an interview at Ikego Elementary School and am very excited about it but have a few questions. Does anyone have experience there? Also, I was trying to figure out what the pay would be and if they have a cost of living allowance. I have been teaching 22 years in washington state and have a masters plus 45 credits.

Thank you!
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Joe Thank you for the info! So teaching in Yokuska would be 77,750 plus LQA or COLA? Is that correct? Is LQA only if living off base? Thanks for the help. Just trying to figure how much I would make?
Aug 14
poke dreams LQA is for living off base and in Yokosuka, you will most likely be living off base....very hard to get on base housing. LQA is use it or lose it, so you don't get to keep what you don't spend.... COLA is for everyone, regardless on base or off base. It's close to an additional 400 every two weeks and it's tax free.

COVID rules for SOFA m...See More
Aug 14
Icanread Very good point about restrictions in Japan! We have had at least a handful of teachers who have lost their jobs due to not following quarantine restrictions or any of the other restrictions set on us by the military.
Aug 14
haha Welcome aboard!
Aug 14
HelpOthers You will be paid on the 2020-2021 pay scale until almost the end of the school year when a comparison is made with school districts the size of DoDEA and pay is then determined. You will be paid retroactively at once for any owed income and then final pay checks will be at the new rate.

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Aug 15

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