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I was wondering if it's a faux pas to email the principal that you interviewed with 2 weeks after in order to follow up? I'm aware sometimes it can take quite a while to get a response if it's a "no", but it would be great to get some closure if you weren't a selected candidate.
haha It not really a faux pas (although you really cannot predict how an individual admin will react to anything).

It's more like it will not likely get you vindication or closure. Principals (at least in the past) generally stick to the party line that they rank the candidates, submit them to HR and then HR makes the selection. So, you may or ...See More
JJJ123 I have a frriend who is a DoDEA principal and I emailed him the other day asking about this type of stuff. His response was that with some administrators, they will specifically exclude anyone who contacted them from interviews/consideration to avoid any accusation of favoritism or getting an advantage over others. My friend says that he has no pro...See More
Aug 24
Icanread JJJ123… thanks for that insight!
Aug 27

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