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required to submit 3 admin recommendations like you do when you are first hired?
IsItFriday? Yes.

It's a required section in the EAS.

You can enter info on up to four admin. Sometimes the Admin are asked for their feedback immediately. Sometimes HR doesn't chase them for the feedback until the employee has a referral/interview in hand.

It's sounds like you haven't been in your EAS account for some time.
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LibDST I was hired in 2017 but looking to come to the states. I have had an interview and the principal reminded me that she needed 3 5011's. Other than the principal I have had since 2017 the others would be the same ones I had from before 2017. Wouldn't that already be in my files? I'm an internal candidate who hasn't been anywhere else. It just seemed ...See More
Oct 15
IsItFriday? If you were hired in 2017, then I'm sure you've heard plenty stories of coworkers with missing paperwork, lost files, and similar problems with all the various aspects of HR paperwork.

Yes, it is reasonable to expect that all the 5011's are in your file.

But you'll never know for sure unless you check and see them for yourself. ...See More
Oct 15
haha Is your EAS active? If so, are your original references still in there? As for HR, ask your secretary for a contact and start there. They are generally pretty good with passing you on to someone else if it is not their area of responsibility.
IsItFriday? You've reviewed your EAS, and checked all the uploads, right.

But that's not actually your HR paperwork.

What you really need to do is check you eOPF - your personnel record. Get together with your personnel secretary, and have them show you how to do it.

(I'm guessing that you received minimal training and orientation w...See More
Oct 21

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