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I was just offered an interview for a DoDEA position that starts "as soon as possible". They said in the email that the position will be for the remainder of this school year and next school year. I don't have any information beyond that. I'm currently at a well-paying international school (just an okay school overall though), and have a wife with 2 children.

1) Should I take the interview?

2) Can I expect the interview to reveal any further information about the position? Because all communication has been pretty vague so far.

3) How much will they assist in this "last-minute" move should I accept the position?

What would you do?
IsItFriday? 1) Take the interview, if there's a decent chance you will say "Yes" if offered the job. Ideally, you should have your mind already made up. You applied, right? Why apply if you don't want the job.

2) Yes, they will tell you about the job at the interview. They should have told you already, but they frequently drop the ball, and then somet...See More
Jan 10
haha Basically agree. If you already have a "good" job then you don't risk much by taking the interview. At worst, you don't like what you hear, turn it down and are blocked from applying for the upcoming recruitment cycle (maybe).

How do the locations/costs of living compare? How does the money compare (salary +post allowance)? I would try and...See More
Jan 11
Icanread Based on Dodea's recent track record with teachers who are currently overseas, you will most likely not qualify for housing benefits or return travel. You would have to return to US soil for 12 months before applying/interviewing if you would like to receive LQA, etc.
Jan 12

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