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I currently live/work in NW Florida as a 6th grade science/math teacher. I am planning on taking my Praxis tests this summer so I can submit my resume/application around the January time frame, which I believe I read somewhere is the time to submit. By that time I will have completed 2 years in my field. I am a military retiree looking to get back overseas. Specifically I am hoping to settle in England permanently. I was reading on another post that these sites are typically short staff. Is this true, and are there any sites I should avoid? I am willing to go down to Elementary school as I have a K-6 degree, and of course up in science for middle school as I have a current cert in 6-9 Science as well.

On a side note has anyone pursued a dual citizenship at a DoDEA location?
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jokers10 Sorry for the triple post. Not used to this style of board.
May 11
haha You seem to have your mind made up, but again, there is no good reason to delay your application. Completing your application and selecting the year you are available/wish to be considered for, are two different things. As posted, if you wait to submit and HR then comes back and tells you that you need to jump through a few more hoops to be qualifi...See More
May 12
haha At the moment, there is no transfer program/mechanism to move from overseas location to overseas location. There are some limited opportunities to move within some districts but people do resort to going back to the states (or Guam) and then trying to get to a more preferred overseas location.
May 12
IndyGuy haha, I have a question about the cost of living in Japan. Do DODEA teachers have the option to live on base? Does the LQA cover the majority of rent and utilities for living on the economy?
May 30
haha The option to live on base varies by location, year, family situation etc. It's available some years in some places, for some people, etc.

Yes, LQA generally covers all of the costs for rent and utilities for a very nice place off base. Post allowance went way up in Japan a while back (like tripled). It has dropped back down some, but with...See More
May 31

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