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I am currently an engineer in Federal Govt (GS) but want to become a math teacher with DODEA. What's the fastest way to become a DODEA teacher?
haha The two main areas for you to meet/address are going to be the required coursework and the student teaching piece. If you have an engineering degree then you likely have most/all of the coursework you would need: Secondary School Positions (Usually Grades 7-12) 0340: Teacher, Mathematics A minimum of 30 semester hours in mathematics is required. Co...See More
Sep 3, 2022
IsItFriday? It's a two-part process.

1. You need to be qualified.

2. You need to beat out the other applicants.

The fastest way is probably to get yourself a state teaching credential, and then get two years of public school teaching under your belt.

Remember - you asked about the fastest way to get hired by DoDEA.

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Sep 5, 2022

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