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Is there an age restriction for getting a DoDEA teaching position?
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The Spectres Vengence I am interested to know how you made the jump from IT to DoDEA as it seems like a helluva leap of faith to me.
Oct 15, 2022
The Spectres Vengence haha--It didn't occur to me that you might think I was too young! No, I'm thinking sunset, not sunrise. Let me begin this next bit by saying I know there are no answers except "Keep the Faith." I am trying to get out of international teaching and into DoDEA. As you know, the hiring timelines are wildly different and even though I teach a 'high-dema...See More
Oct 15, 2022
haha After I had answered based on the sunrise end, I actually looked at who had posted and then realized it was probably the sunset angle that you had interest in.

I have seen quite a few teachers get hired after "retiring" or having a significant career in the states. Principals often do want a mix of youth and energy, so many would give olde...See More
Oct 15, 2022
The Spectres Vengence haha--always the voice of reason. Thank you for your incredably valuable and rational input. May I ask one more question? I have created an 'online resume' website that includes teaching photos and at least one teaching video. Do you think its worth linking in a cover letter?
Oct 16, 2022
haha My pleasure. You never knows what might have an impact on your chances. Presuming that you are confident that anything on your site will present you/your teaching and experience in a positive light, you may as well give it a shot. It likely will have no great impact either way, but anything that might conceivably help is worth a shot.
Oct 16, 2022

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