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you for helping with all of your questions and insights. I am currently entering the 2nd year of my EA Math and completed C2 last year. There are a few reasons I am unsure of which component to complete next and hoping to get some feedback.

I planned on doing C3 because I wanted to get the video one done and over with. C4 looks to be a bear and I wanted to save it. The wrench in the plans is this is the last year that my grade (6th) will be in the elementary school. After next year, we move up to the JR/SR high to become a middle school/high school. I do not know many faculty members and am not sure how the transition will go. So now I'm thinking I do C4 this year where I am comfortable with my setting, coworkers, etc. and get it done. Save videos for next year.

Thoughts? Am I over-thinking it? Thank you!!
Patti That is exactly what I would do if I were in your situation. C4 is so data driven. If you already know how to retrieve the data for your grade level, great communication...you have a great starting point. Reports change from middle to high and that could complicate the process. C3 can also be done without too many connections, such as parents (surv...See More
Nov 8, 2017

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