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Getting started on Component 2 and looking for some examples of the question document to help me get started
whatworks You want to formulate a question based on your knowledge of a student through assessment, observations etc. Avoid a question that can be answered with a yes/no. So, for example, a question such as " Does (student name) have a behavior disorder?" wouldn't be appropriate. Consider starting your question with the word WHAT? WHAT strategies can I use t...See More
Oct 16, 2017
Don Thank you for your reply. I knew the questions I was considering were not broad enough so your answer was very helpful.
Oct 16, 2017
BethSpecialNeeds I actually did use a yes/no question because there was simply enough time to take data on multiple strategies. My question was something like this: Will (strategy) help Super Student increase (goal)? Then I explained why I chose that goal from among other possibilities and then based on the data, I explained if I would continue to use that strategy...See More
Oct 18, 2017
whatworks So glad you shared that, Beth. I've learned something too.
Oct 19, 2017

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