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When they ask me to list the standards I used, do I need to write out the standard word by word, or can I just list the standard by the title such as CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.1.2?
whatworks Hello cking. You don't do either of those things. First you must read your NB Standards multiple times so you have them pretty firmly planted in your head. As you read, notice things you already do, that you do sometimes, and that you don't do much if at all. Get very familiar with the Standards. As you write your responses to the Written Commentar...See More
Nov 2, 2017
cking Thank you, whatworks. Sounds like I should have been more specific. For Early/Middle Childhood Literacy it asks for standards in component 2: (What local, state, and/or national standard(s) and curricula did these writing goals reflect?) I appreciate your response!
Nov 3, 2017
whatworks Yes, I see I didn't respond in the most helpful way. For that prompt, state the general standard, but don't use a lot of space to delineate the exact ones by number etc. The assessors don't look them up, they take your word, so give them the general information. Something along the lines of: "My goals reflect my use of the Common Core Language Arts...See More
Nov 3, 2017

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