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Should my question for component 2 be a behavior question or academic question. I want to show that I am an exceptional teacher. What is some advice on creating a question?
Melissa K Either can work, just make sure it's tied to your observation and description of the student. It has to connect solidly to what you are seeing with the student, either academically or behaviorally. And it should be something that is impacting the student.
Nov 5, 2017
mscrawford101 It can be either. My advice is to read your standards and keep your student in mind. What makes sense for the kiddo you are working with at this moment in time?
Nov 5, 2017
Jen Is this question supposed to be a goal restated in the form of a question? This makes me nervous because it wants me to "formulate" a question, but I don't know what that means! Help!
Dec 5, 2017

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