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I used the score calculator but the scaling weight (SW) numbers aren't making sense to me... Shouldn't they be the percentages we've seen all along? (SRI-20%, CRE1 - 6.67%, etc.)... I'm just not understanding the scoring still I guess... Anyone willing to explain? Is the calculator incorrect?
biophysteach The calculator is correct. If you add up all the weights and divide by a components weight, you get the % you've seen all along.

The scaling weight serves absolutely zero purpose...they should just multiply by the percentage and then if you get a weighted average over 2.63 (the new passing score), you pass that part. (You also need an aver...See More
Dec 5, 2017
kennethcooper2 I feel the whole scoring system is unnecessarily complicated. We shouldn't have to analyze our scores and do computations to see if we passed or not. My comp 1 was 2.731 - what is that supposed to mean? It doesn't actually say anywhere, congratulations you passed. You have to go and figure it all out. Doesn't make sense to me. We could never run ou...See More
Dec 31, 2017

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