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My area is Exceptional Needs. I'm sad because I missed the cut score by 14 points. I am happy because I completed the task and I have learned so much. I am trying to decide if I should continue. Any suggestions?
sue feel similar...I am only an 83, but met all minimum scores to pass each comp.
Dec 28, 2017
kkwyatt Im a mentor. I had 3 candidates in my group score 1.0 on different components!! Im just sick :( Im totally convinced that there is a glitch somewhere, but who has $500 to fight (or question) a losing battle. I can't find anyone else who scored a 1.0 on anything
Chez I too missed the cut score by 13 points. I was adamant that I was done but now I am reconsidering because I have worked so hard and spent so much...
Jan 12
Ms.Hill I am currently working on my Exceptional Needs Cert...I am struggling with Component 2. Any tips or suggestions would help!!
Jan 23
mscrawford101 I would! Focus on the parts you can score higher on! I'm happy to help. I certified ENS this year.
Feb 10

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