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My area is Exceptional Needs. I'm sad because I missed the cut score by 14 points. I am happy because I completed the task and I have learned so much. I am trying to decide if I should continue. Any suggestions?
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kkwyatt Im a mentor. I had 3 candidates in my group score 1.0 on different components!! Im just sick :( Im totally convinced that there is a glitch somewhere, but who has $500 to fight (or question) a losing battle. I can't find anyone else who scored a 1.0 on anything
Jan 9, 2018
Chez I too missed the cut score by 13 points. I was adamant that I was done but now I am reconsidering because I have worked so hard and spent so much...
Jan 12, 2018
Ms.Hill I am currently working on my Exceptional Needs Cert...I am struggling with Component 2. Any tips or suggestions would help!!
Jan 23, 2018
mscrawford101 I would! Focus on the parts you can score higher on! I'm happy to help. I certified ENS this year.
Feb 10, 2018
Sybil Troullier YES, continue. Being NBCT opens many doors and opportunities. You can get immediate certification in other states if needed and you are respected in the profession. You are more marketable and puts you ahead of the rest.
Jan 13

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