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Perplexed...wanting advice. I first started 2 years ago. I did comp 1 and 2 year 1. Got a 2.0 on 1 and 1.750 on 2. Last year I did 3 and 4. I got a 2.0 on 3 and 2.0 on 4. Felt like 3 and 4 were at least a 3.0. What should I do??
Betty Mace I m praying and asking God if I should continue. I scored the lowest on Comp 3. I made a 2.0. Since it appears to be the highest rated I am seriously thinking about retaking it. I really thought I had a 3 or higher also.
kkwyatt Im a mentor. I had 3 candidates in my group score 1.0 on different components!! Im just sick :( Im totally convinced that there is a glitch somewhere, but who has $500 to fight (or question) a losing battle.
mscrawford101 Redo 1 for sure. That's a low hanging fruit. What is the calculator telling you? If you got a 3 on 1 and a higher score on 3 would you certify?
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