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Is it Reading First? Or the testing? Or a combination?
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lynne/ca On 7/17/08, steve wrote: > One of the requirements of Reading First is that schools must use a > scientifically developed reading series; there are two. One program by > Houghton Miflin and one by Scott Foresman. Our school chose the Scott > Foresman program. The kink in the whole thing to me is that states > develop some of their ow...See More
Jul 27, 2008
Tracy On 6/26/08, What's the worst thing about NCLB? The testing? wrote: > Is it Reading First? Or the testing? Or a combination? No. It's the concept that ALL children will be able to do certain things by a certain time and can demonstrate this on a single, high stakes test. I teach in an urban district with a high transiency rate. These kids arrive ...See More
Jul 30, 2008
abc Houghton Mifflin is a JOKE! No is Reading First. We call it "Reading Worst"!
Jul 31, 2008
Terri F. We only have 18 minutes a day to do EITHER social studies OR science. Art is cut and paste when we can match it to the reading. In grades 2-5 at my school, the entire curriculum is shoved at a record pace into kids heads before testing- leaving a month or so afterwards of nothing. And at that rate, do they even retain or learn- no. First grade this...See More
Sep 7, 2008
Tessa- FL This year we have two solid hours of *just* reading! We don't have enough to do to fill the 2 hours! After 90 minutes I give them a 10 minute break, and I need it more than they do! I look around the room like, what can we do now??!! I swear the clock never moves during this time. The emphasis on reading is getting too out of hand.

On 9/0...See More
Sep 17, 2008

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