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Dear teacher colleagues,

I would appreciate your advice/insight on a decision I have before me. I have been primary school trained and have worked in primary school for almost five years now. At the end of my 5th year I am considering switching to highschool teaching for a number of reasons:

1. I find I feel more comfortable teaching older kids.

2. I feel it's time for a new challenge.

3. I have been told that high school teachers aren't as involved in extracurricular events (sports carnivals, day trips etc) as primary school teachers. So in other words a high school teacher's job is more strictly about teaching in comparison to a primary school teacher.

Are there any teachers who have made the switch (even if your switch was vice versa) who can offer me some tips and advice about switching (and if there is any truth​ to the claims I mentioned in point #3)? Any pointers will be helpful:

- Workload comparisons

- Day to da...See More
Daryl Depends on your state. In general, you have to be highly qualified in one area, i.e. have a single-subject credential or pass a test to teach a particular subject. In general, at least in CA, you are not qualified to teach at the high school level without passing an exam and completing a teaching methods for _____ course, so they can't switch you w...See More
May 19, 2017

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