Re: I've read them all.
Ima Teacher

    I've actually never ventured into the chat room in all the years
    I've been here. I'm typically multi-tasking while I'm online
    and don't have time just to go in and chat. I might have to try
    it sometime. On 10/17/07, Bo wrote:
    > I will be in the main tnet chatroom at 5 central and again at
    > central time on 10/17, if you would like to chat about cat
    > books. We can leave main chat and go in another room if you
    > would like to. Bo
    > On 10/16/07, Ima Teacher wrote:
    >> I have read all of them, and I own most of them. I have all
    >> of them in my collection at school. Some of my students
    >> like them, too.
    >> On 10/16/07, Bo wrote:
    >>> Calling all Lilian Jackson Braun lovers........Anyone
    >>> besides me nerdy enough to love these books? I swear I
    >>> married Jim Qwilleran! Love to chat with you. Bo