Re: Fire at Mexican day care/other comments for discussion

    I had not heard about this fire until reading your post.
    I've been reading the news reports online and see what a
    horrible, horrible tragedy has taken place.

    The licensing requirements and ratios in some states astound
    me. And did you say CA is considering not having annual
    inspections of licensed homes?

    Quite honestly I think it is a sad state of affairs that
    somebody would take care of other peoples children and not
    provide a safe environment, even without licensing.

    But some people do. And they have to have those licensing
    requirements and annual visits to enforce even a minimum
    amount of safety for the children.

    I will stick to my 6 children and 3 easy to get to exits.

    I don't know how anybody with a conscience could ever put $$$
    over the safety and well being of children.

    On 6/07/09, montmo wrote:
    > When I read about that tragedy it makes me so sad.I can not
    > begin to imagine the horror those families are going
    > through. I heard they only had one exit and there were
    > almost 150 children in there with babies included.
    > I am going through licensing right now for a home care and
    > it is so easy to think some of the licensing requirements
    > seem so over the top and picky. I wonder if the day cares
    > that are housed in churches(they have different regulations
    > in our state then commercial and home cares and the rules
    > are more "lenient")are prepared to not find themselves in a
    > similar situation in an emergency where quick exits are
    > necessary.
    > Another situation I wanted to discuss is the different
    > regulations in our state regarding licensed and non
    > licenced home day cares. I have found out that insurance
    > coverage relates to this. In our state if a provider has a
    > limited number of children in her home(I think it is 6 plus
    > her own) she does not have to be licensed. To be licenced
    > she can only have up to 10 children including her own if
    > she has any child younger then 3 years. If she has all
    > children over the age of 3, she can have up to 12 including
    > her own children. That means if a parent has six children,
    > she can have up to 12 children and not need to be licensed!
    > Most insurance companies will not cover a home care unless
    > it is licensed with those restrictions. They will not
    > insure until that home is licensed. Meanwhile a provider
    > can be operating a service that is not licensed and not
    > have insurance coverage. Do parents not ask if that is the
    > case? Why would a fewer number of children mean that safety
    > precautions do not have to be met? Are those children not
    > as precious as a child who attends a large day care? To me
    > ANY home day care and any service that provides day care
    > should be licensed. I don't understand why day cares in
    > churches do not have to follow the same guidelines as any
    > other provider. The regulations are not unreasonable.
    > I know. I know. It all comes to $$$$$$ and states don't
    > have it. Anyone want to discuss any of this? montmo