Re: teaching children to trace

    I would just encourage you to be sure the things you are
    doing with them and expecting from them are developmentally
    appropriate and something they are interested in.

    You talk about how hard it is to teach them anything, but you
    and I both know that children are like sponges and are born
    learners - learning something every minute of the day. My
    personal belief is that the teacher's most important task is
    to set up an interesting environment that will enable them to

    Perhaps they aren't interested in tracing and see no reason
    for it? Or maybe the fine muscles in their hands aren't
    ready for it? Perhaps if what you are doing isn't working,
    this group of children needs to be taught in a different way
    than you've ever done before? (You just thought it was a
    problem - it's actually them giving you the opportunity to
    really s-t-r-e-t-c-h yourself. ☺)

    If you are still interested in them tracing - maybe you could
    draw chalk lines outside and have them "paint" over them with
    brush and water? Or maybe dipping their finger in paint to
    fingerpaint over your lines? You could print their name on a
    piece of paper and put it on a light table for them to trace
    over. That is intriguing to my children.

    I know I asked a lot of questions. But that's the same thing
    I do to myself when something isn't working. I know that
    children are full of interest, curiousity, and wonder. If
    something isn't working - either it doesn't need to be done,
    or I just haven't hit on the right way to present it yet.

    On 9/29/09, cynthia wrote:
    > i am a childcare provider thats trying to teach the
    > children in my care how to trace their names and only one
    > of them is getting it this is my second year with this set
    > of children. and i'm finding it hard to teach this set of
    > children anything.
    > help please anyone