Re: Todders hitting and biting in class

    it has been my experience that any injury (especially biting)
    must be documented and both sets of parents notified. be sure the
    children are properly supervised at all times. toddlers should be
    taught to be gentle, not told! agree with other poster on rest of
    your issues.

    On 2/12/12, ash wrote:
    > On 2/12/12, Puja wrote:
    >> Hi ,I'm a toddler teacher,these days few kids in my class
    >> are hitting,biting or pushing each other,sometimes because
    >> they want what the other child has,we have been encouraging
    >> by using words as we don't hurt our friends ,lets be gentle
    >> etc. if the child continues the same bahaviour we start
    >> giving small time outs,also ask help from parents to talk
    >> about being gentle..what else can be done?
    >> Also how to deal with parents who are defensive towards
    >> their childs behaviour,as my say is we should work together
    >> to bring the best out of the child?anm I wrong here,should
    >> i avoid notifying the parent if the child is constantly
    >> hurting others? Need help in these matters. Thanks
    > You have a lot of varibles here... are tber enouhg supplies
    > for the class majority? Is it a communication,sensory,socail
    > or mental issue? Hve the mterials been rotated or are they
    > bored? Do you have big body time inside and out and do
    > have sensory exeriences every day? More info would be
    > helpful... first the issue for aggression, then prent
    > communication help.