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A couple of other posters made the correlation between how the powers that be want to save a few bucks and have opted to raise class sizes in order to save money.

I'd like to present the argument that you need to LOWER class sizes in order to save money. Yes, initially, there will be some expenditures for hiring additional teachers, but I still think that every district could save money by having smaller class sizes.

As experienced teachers, we all know that when your classroom becomes overcrowded, you're not able to give 1:1 attention to every child. It becomes "crowd control" and we put band-aids on certain situations. There are more students to assess and monitor. More and more is being asked of teachers through RTI programs, assessment strategies, AYP programs, etc.

Is it too simplistic to say if class sizes were kept to proper levels (NAEYC advocates for a 1:10 ratio in grades K- 3), that there might not be any need for RTI, DIBELS, AYP assessments, etc?...See More
Tallytchr One problem we've run into in our district with the mandated class sizes...where to put everybody. You must have more classrooms for more teachers.

It's not just the cost of adding more teachers for the same amount of students, it's finding the space and outfitting more classrooms. In my school, that means finding more projectors, doc came...See More
Jun 16, 2011
judy5ca Good counterargument, Tallytchr, a vet who has had classes of 20 up to classes of 40, I'd much rather do without a special table, docucam (I love mine, don't get me wrong, but I could use an overhead projector), and lots of other stuff IF it meant lower class size. I want to be able to teach individuals and it's just too hard to do that wi...See More
Jun 16, 2011
Teri I agree with Judy (and I work in Florida too). I teach high school intensive reading. Before the class size amendment was passed, they crammed 34 students in each class and wondered why most were still not passing the test. Seriously? How could I help 34 disinterested, disheartened students become better readers at the same time? I spent most of my...See More
Jun 17, 2011

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