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Classroom websites are a wonderful way to communicate with students, parents and faculty. As a webmaster/instructional technology specialist for over 10 years, I have watched many teachers enthusiastically start a website only to let it falter about mid year. Partly because they try to do too much too soon. Before you even begin, you must decide your purpose for doing a website. Is it to provide resources? Assignments? And who is going to use it? Weekly updating can drain you and is difficult to maintain unless you plan to use all your spare time to keep up with it. Remember this is a commitment for 9-10 months. I prefer creating "static" class websites for posting information, resources and student work. I use e-mail for communication on timely matters. Another way to keep a website current is to do a team or group website where others can also help maintain. This includes the students as a classroom job. Blogs and wikis are easy to set up and you can determine who can edit or not. If...See More
parents talk On 6/27/11, Catherine Douthard wrote: > Thanks so much for this information. This is a great way to decide if someone wants to create a site or not. I have seen many wonderful site but they were never updated. This makes deciding what I want to do with my site much easier.

Classroom websites are a wonderful way to communicate with >...See More
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