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What are some strategies for making co-teaching work? Random thoughts are great. Thanks.
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Cristina I'm posting a comment in the event that it may benefit CA SpEd or any others out there.

The co-teaching model can be a bit tricky. There are 3 different scenarios that I have observed. The first is the ones similarly described before by NY and upstatenyteach. When both teachers work together, respect each other and can go back and forth w...See More
Jun 30, 2014
Jess I am prospective Special Ed teacher and have heard a lot about co-teaching models. The only time I watched a co-teaching model in action, the SpEd teacher kept an eye on 4 students in the class with IEPs and the GenEd teacher taught the lesson - everyday. Is this how it is often implemented?

On 6/30/14, Cristina wrote: > I'm posting a ...See More
Apr 4, 2015
SFox On 9/07/11, upstatenyteach wrote: > I think Ny Co-teacher makes an important point - you need to make > sure that both of you are the teachers. The students should know > that both of you have equal authority and teaching > responsibilities. > > I have been coteaching for 3+ years and have loved every minute > of it. Here's som...See More
Apr 9, 2016
Nancy Burrello Working with four other teachers at my grade level is not same as co-teaching. We did make lessons together and it greatly helped us. We disagreed on some things but worked them out there. One thing the students need to feel that you respect each other. You can always turn and ask what is your ideas? that way you do not feel she is disagreeing with...See More
May 3, 2017
Deann Marin Always talk things over with your co-worker. Make sure that you don't let the kids come between you.
Jun 19, 2017

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