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Hi there, I've taught Tech for many years. My lesson plans included 4 or 5 activities a day. I would move the activities down as the students finished them, and then add a new activity to the top. The class starter was always a typing keyboard warmup. My students loved Classic Tales Typing....especially the ones that were numbered in the 20 - 30 assignments. You can choose any one you want. The program grades the assignment....and it's free.

Anyone who finished early could go to CGF they would put on headphones, watch a video, then practice that skill. If they learned it well enough to teach to someone else, they had mastered it. Students tracked their own progress by maintaining a log in Excel, or in a table in Word. They would type in the date, the skill, and the level, by pasting smiley expressions to depict their level of expertise. Expressions were defined like this: 1. Not a clue, yet 2. I like it but I have a lot to learn 3. Hey, I've got this, but not e...See More

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