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In my experience in computer science classrooms, I have found that computer science is often best taught in a lab environment where the students are given multiple days to finish a project and are allowed to ask questions whenever they get stuck on a problem. However, this means that there aren't any lectures happening. The students are learning from their own experiences at their own pace. While this seems like a good idea, sometimes there are students who are not motivated and do the bare minimum to turn in an assignment or fail to complete the assignment. As this a more difficult class, it's understandable that some students would require more time to complete an assignment. However, it's easy for students take advantage of this and not complete anything at all. How can we structure our CS classroom to maintain the open, exploratory nature of CS, but also ensure the students are on track?
Brandon Baldomero Do you have a program that lets you monitor what students are doing on their computers? I know there are a lot that let you see what students are doing and lets you send images to their computer or take it over if they are off track. I would suggest having that program to ensure that students are working and allowing them to use the computer recrea...See More
Apr 23, 2018

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