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Recently, I decided to follow Khan Academy’s model (except for writing not math) and put my writing courses up on Youtube so that teachers and students can access the material in the classroom and at home. Scary Good Writing with Mr. Butt and Bonefish combine goofy characters, enthralling stories, and short but powerful lessons that engage today's kids and teach them writing in a fun way. I have four courses: A Zombie Wrote my Narrative Essay, An Alien Wrote my Expository Essay, A Robot Wrote my Persuasive Essay and A Visit to Grammar’s House to learn the eight parts of speech. These lessons have been download thousands of times by teachers all over the USA through If you want to check them out, my Youtube channel is here.

FYI: The lessons come with writing exercises that must be downloaded from Google drive so you will need to get my permission, but that only takes an email. Hope you and your students find these courses useful.

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