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Dear Teachers

You are the hard working, responsible and ethical support for the nation's children and their parents. It is because of you that children read, write, and gain knowledge. You are underpaid and you work at night for no pay. I'm going to try to help you in your classrooms by revealing a small change that worked for me after my graduate studies in Manchester, England. I have no intention of changing your philosophy or style. The English were very strict about school discipline until cities were bombed in World War II. To protect the children, they moved school into the open spaces of the country. Thus, “Open School.” The British can be literal at times. While fearing that the scores of the children would “plummet,” the scores rose higher. I saw methods that I couldn't use here because my school and yours remain rooted in the belief that children are a problem unless strictly controlled by seating arrangements and quiet. So, I made a small change that saved...See More
Samantha M Interesting approach, I am currently teaching at a Restitution school, this is a school in which we cannot give rewards. We are not to use the language "if you do this then you get that." we are to believe the student should behave because it is the right thing to do. This way the reward isn't expected every time they complete a task. Do you ever f...See More
Sep 27, 2017
Alexandra Sletten @ Samantha -- I have so many questions. How did your school become a restitution school? I love that philosophy, because I am so tired of kids asking "what do I get" when they simply do what they are supposed to do. Is there a philosopher tied in with this?
Sep 30, 2017
Alexandra Sletten @Thomas--

I do something similar! I tell the students that when they finish up early, they can do a choice based art activity that relates to the lesson. They LOVE these activities. They are free choice, but I don't feel guilty about what they are doing being random, because it relates to the lesson. Do you have an administrator that take...See More
Sep 30, 2017

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