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    3 hr crying temper-tantrum?

    Hi everyone,
    I keep thinking of this situation that happened before
    Winter break with a 4th grade girl. I am a sped teacher at
    this school and deal everyday with this child who is
    identified as learning disabled. Most of her issues appear
    to be related to ADD and behavior issues. Before winter
    break she was not getting her classwork, homework or
    anything done. Her classroom teacher had informed her that
    she could not attend the holiday party until writing was
    complete, math homework was done,o s etc. She did about
    half of this work with me and then cried and wailed for
    approximately 3 hr. After 1 hr I needed to see other
    children so I moved her to the office in the school where
    office staff supervised her and ignored her. THey moved
    her to the nurses office where they could still supervise
    her but she continued crying, throwing a temper tantrum,
    etc. None of us could get her to do any more work, stop
    crying, etc. The child was well aware of the consequences
    for not getting her work done on a weekly basis....she
    loses the special Friday afternoon activities every week.
    I plan to help her with organization skills beginning next
    week since she loses everything (ie. homework, books,
    etc.). Our prin called her mother onthis particular day
    and we sent the child home due to her constant wailing,
    temper tantrums, etc. The child also sess the school psych
    and an outside therapist. Any thoughts? How would you get
    a child (a 4th grader) to stop crying??!! I walked away
    after 1 hr of her not doing her work. We decided as a
    staff to ignore her....I am considering a behavior contract
    next week when we return to school. There is almost no
    support from the Mother with this child. She appears
    frustrated and unable to manage the child herself.