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I taught for a little while at an online school but then
they merged with another and didn't have enough positions
for everyone. I wasn't observed or interviewed so I can
only guess it was because I was there a short amount of

Anyway I would like to apply to online schools again and
have some questions.

1. Does anyone know of a school that will accept NBPTS
certification instead of state cert? I hate the idea of
paying for bunches of licenses when I may not get hired.
Don't mind obtaining the official cert. after getting

2. I'm finding that a lot of schools want to get a
reference from my current principal. I have no doubt I'd
get a good recommendation but he flips out every time I
apply for a part time teaching job because he thinks he's
losing me. I would like to keep this job and teach online.

rw /blockquote>

I don't know of many experiences for high school. Do you have
an M.A. in a subject field? If so, you could start applying at
online colleges. Although many prefer (and some require) more
than an MA, or previous college teaching experience, you might
be able to get in one of the lower paying places eventually. <...See More
Nov 25, 2007
sue /blockquote>

How much do Online Instructors get paid? I have a MA in
Reading. Could I teach classes online at the College Level?

Where do I look for a position? Any information would be

Thank you,


On 11/25/07, rw wrote:
> I don't know of many experienc...See More
Dec 26, 2007
pay varies /blockquote>

I've been paid anywhere from 100 a week to as much as 400 a week.
All schools pay a set amount per course and they pay once, at the
end of the course when all your grades are turned in. Some schools
will pay by the month now and more are getting that way.

To really figure out how much you are making, you ...See More
Dec 26, 2007
Simon Unfortunately, one of the downsides to National Board certification is that it has been difficult to convince states to accept it in lieu of that state's certification/credentialing. Hopefully, that will change in the future, but it is unlikely to happen anytime soon.
Jun 14, 2008
teacher where can i apply for online teaching jobs ? i can teach englinsh language communication skills economics financial and cost accounting auditing
Sep 26, 2008

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