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(( The cold wouldn't rise to the level of warmth, or fall to the level of freezing. This state had been latent in Zaidoun for a while, and he couldn't later define this period. A year… a day… a month… it's all the same.

Shining ice was spread across the streets without a pattern or shape. The bus was creaking, like an old man whose last grey hair has fallen, along a winding road lined with frozen cypress trees.

This year was not like others. The snow invaded from the beginning of September and the ice piled up until January. How long would the ordeal of the ice last? The question passed from mouth to mouth. To start with the whole country stopped moving, but then the governor ordered that we should not succumb to nature's confusion.

The passengers were listening to the coldness and calm. Their gaze rose, seeking the end of the monotony. On either side of the winding road were cypress trees and points of ice, and then nothingness. They wanted to break t...See More

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