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    Could anyone help me? I'm about to start teaching BEC and currently have the BEC Higher Student's book (Cambridge) published in 2005, by Ian Wood and Louise Pile. Does anyone know if the exam has changed significantly since then and if this book would be misleading? Many thanks, Jo
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    As I know, it is still actual
    Jul 18, 2021
    As I know, it is still [url=]actual[/url]
    Jul 18, 2021
    I have an ESL interview next week and am looking for advice as to what I need to know in order to do well. I am certified in ESL, but have not taught it yet (though I work with ELL students in my English classes). Any advice or help is appreciated!
    How do you get students to answer you, instead of mimic everything you say?
    How easy is it to land an ESL teacher job up in Minnesota?? I've been looking online, and I don't know if it is because it is January, but I do not see any openings for ESL teachers! I also have a librarian certification. I thought that the Twin cities area was diverse and that ESL teachers would be in high demand because of that, but it doesn't se...See More
    Hi, All!

    I have a bachelor degree in BA not Education major and willing to work as a public ESL teacher in GA state. I received TESOL certificate for Children and Advanced from American TESOL Institute, Tampa(FL). Is that possible to use my TESOL certificate as a ESL teacher in GA?

    Please advise me if this certificate is useless ...See More
    Hi All!

    I am currently taking classes towards my CAGS in School Leadership. As part of my coursework, I had to research data and find a student subgroup and academic area in need of support. I chose EL students and Mathematics. I found that EL students (some not ALL) did show some weakness in this area. I am interested to hear if you all a...See More
    We currently have a wide range of teaching positions in a variety of subjects! All positions are available for immediate start. We have positions for non-natives and teachers who do not hold a bachelor's degree.

    Teaching hours are between 15 and 30 hours a week. We are currently recruiting for Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Tianji...See More
    I just took the 120 hour TEFL course with gettefl. They are sooo great! I really enjoyed this course and learned many practical teaching techniques.
    I hace taught abroad multiple times and I am so fed with the "discussions" on job advice boards! Many start with "My name is Marie from Sierra Leone. I speak English very well, like a native. I have 3 of teaching math here but my country is not good now is too dangerous. Where is a good job?". Anyone saying that you would have issues hired or getti...See More

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