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I would like to invite you to participate in a quick survey to hear your candid opinions as an English teacher of the teachers' needs and the resources offered on the Internet. Your opinion is valuable and will aid this research in identifying English teachers' needs as well as the areas that need more attention. The survey takes approximately 3-4 minutes to complete and we really appreciate your participation.

Being an international survey, it is possible that some questions do not fit very well within your national context. In these cases, please answer as best as you can. All information will be collected for research purposes and it will be treated confidentially.


Thank you for your time!

Juan Pablo Orejudo
It's great that you're doing researches like that! I'm learning a second language myself, so it's interesting for me to see the other side since I use where I work with a teacher. I tried and , but they just weren't for me, but now I feel the responsibility not...See More
Jul 18, 2021

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