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I hace taught abroad multiple times and I am so fed with the "discussions" on job advice boards! Many start with "My name is Marie from Sierra Leone. I speak English very well, like a native. I have 3 of teaching math here but my country is not good now is too dangerous. Where is a good job?". Anyone saying that you would have issues hired or getting a visa is called a racist. Anyone claiming jobs in Latin America pay poorly is called a liar because "I am paid very well!!" but I dare you..find ONE post from someone who gets over 1000 a month in Latin America (working at a job a typical ESL teacher could reasonably qualify for..not teaching science in a university in English) who names an actual school that they actually have worked at. People insist that jobs paying 95 000 US dollars in America can be found because "I saw an ad for one.." and Americans wanting to work in Europe are told "you got this!! Just be persistent..". People ask how they can get a work visa to teach English in t...See More

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