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    Schools have fire drills and lock down drills. Are any of you doing real active shooter drills?
    May his spirit float free on the ocean breeze, for now and forever. We will miss you Terry. May you be forever remembered.
    Mary Todd For those who are interested. Terry's former home "Karel Thurg" is now up for sale. Details to be posted shortly.

    Thank you for all your condolences and support so far.

    -Mary Todd
    Jan 12, 2017
    The slides weren’t the only waterworks at Splashdown Water Park in Tsawwassen on Sunday.

    The park’s last day of operation brought Simone Lavalle to tears as she thought about her 30 years of Splashdown memories, stretching back to when she was just five or six years old.

    Now a mother of three herself, Lavalle said it’s “h...See More
    Sheenagh Morrison will get her first raise in nearly a decade Thursday and the B.C. government will take most of it back the same day.

    After nine years of living on $906 a month, the 35-year-old Victoria woman will see her monthly disability cheque increase by $77.

    The same day, however, the B.C. government will start charging her...See More
    Large spotlights were brought in and crews worked through the night to remove remaining structure and debris from Tent City.

    “We have now provided or offered housing to all those who needed it. We were able to bring this situation to a peaceful resolution, and now we can go in and start to clean up the site,” Rich Coleman, Minister Res...See More

    Let's all stop and say a pray for her. May not make the
    next 72 hours.
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    Lana /blockquote>

    Can anyone tell me if she lived in Overland Park, KS? Is
    there an Obituary? Surviving Relatives?


    n 3/16/07, JBL wrote:
    > ---{----@ ---{----@ Susan R.Strom @----}--- @----}---
    > 1946-2007
    > Her unconditi...See More
    Jan 14, 2008
    Sylvia Tebbutt The nerve of that Robert Strom getting invited to our birthday dinner saying he would be there and then not showing up in the end. He didn't even bother to phone and apologize and say why he didn't show up. Robert Strom you should be ashamed of yourself. You are hearby dishoned and will not be invited or included in any future family get togethers ...See More
    Jun 25, 2016
    Kick off Teacher Appreciation Week with lucy! Teachers, we know you work hard and we'd love to thank you for all you do!

    Bring in Valid ID or proof of employment and enjoy 20&37; off your Full Price Merchandise! All teachers are welcome -- whether your students are in Kindergarten or Grad School.

    Can't make it? Give us a call ...See More
    Homeless campers in Victoria should be celebrating instead of complaining after the government offered them a place to live and three meals a day in some cases, British Columbia’s housing minister says.

    Rich Coleman said eviction notices issued Friday require people living behind the courthouse to vacate the property by Feb. 25, with th...See More
    The Chemainus-based Halalt First Nation and its business partners are suing Catalyst Paper, alleging that a 59-year-old mill is trespassing and that the company has disclosed sensitive information, despite signing a confidentiality agreement.

    The paper and pulp company, based in Richmond, says it denies the allegations contained in two sep...See More
    Will the person who left their boat off Gyro Park In Cadboro Bay this past summer please come and pick up your boat. Your vessel is now leaking fuel and debris onto the surrounding shorelines. Thank You.

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