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Clearing out old papers, I just came across this roll call from April 2001. Also, we each added a biography of ourselves. It says that Golden Apples was nearly 2 yrs old. Elaine, you are the one who started this roll call thread.

Annette Artie Barb (Chicago it says) Bluette Cher Cheryl/VA Chris (las vegas) Christy/IL Darlene Deb Dot Elaine Frances Jean(Ohio) Judy Karen Kathy (upstate NY) Leslie (WV) linda mci Lynn (Pogo) Magoo Margaret (Central Fla) me- MaryB Mary (PA) mizletts Nancy (aka:Sunrise) Pambre Patty Rosie (Midlands England) Sue (NH) Sunnie Sunrise (Wisconsin) Zan (Suzanne) Zheljko

From the same date, I have the birthday list of 45 teachers. It was comprised by Cher.

This reminds me of when we'd exchange gifts with a partner. I still have the cool Scottish blanket I got once for Christmas. It was a long time ago, but I seem to remember it was from Mary/PA.
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Elaine/ret/IN The beginning of the internet was awesome, wasn't it? So
amazing to be in touch with so many other teachers around
the country. I, too, have that roll call list somewhere.
It was very helpful learning to know each other. I still
love seeing your names here.

I only met Magoo. What a lovely lovely lunch that was! One
of a kin...See More
Mar 6, 2017
Flacka Back in the early days I used my real name (Barb) but have since switched to a "handle" for posting here and on other sites. I remember the good old days and sure do miss them and the wonderful posters on here who showed kindness and compassion . Golden Apples was always a safe place to post, and post we did.

I was lucky enough t...See More
Mar 17, 2017
BLUETTE I did not know that was YOU FLAKA !!!
Mar 17, 2017
Elaine/ret/IN to Flacka I also didn't catch the name change, Flacka. Sadly, we don't come to Chicago very often since DD moved to the Big Apple 11 years ago . . . I miss the windy city. I do. At one time, I thought we'd have a meet-up there, but it never materialized. Except for you, of course!

Mar 20, 2017
Flacka to Elaine I would have been nice to have had a meet up in Chicago
but it never happened. We don't go there much anymore
since all of our parents have passed away and our kids
moved out. Our DD is also in NYC and our son is in LA so
we moved where we wanted to be and visit them when we can.

On 3/20/17, Elaine/ret/IN to Flacka wrote: ...See More
Mar 20, 2017

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