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This is my 40th year of teaching. Let me share with you my creation for helping with class management.

I was forever getting surprised by the bell. You know what I mean...you've lost track of time and the bell rings. I've created a program to run on a Windows pc that keeps track of the time for me. It has a large digital clock and right below it, the number of minutes left in the period. Depending on your teaching method, you can set it up to play a tune (alarm) with 1, 2, or 3 minutes before the bell. I have my clock play the alarm with 1 minute left. My class rule: with 1 minute left, students may pack up and stand next to their seats until I dismiss them. Some of the many teachers on my campus using The Clock give them a bit more time. It's totally up to the teacher.

I've been using The clock since around 1990. Other teachers have given me ideas to add features to the program:

Restroom sign-out

Countdown timer


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