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Recently I called out a student by telling them they were off task and not completing assignments. The kid responded by telling me I didn't have to announce that in front of the whole class. While my policy is to take students aside for issues like that, in this instance I just spontaneously said it out loud. I didn't appreciate the fact that the student was telling me how to do my job, so I shut the conversation down. What would you all have done?
men52 I would apologize to him because he's not denying your announcement but HOW you made it known. Especially if this is a new development in his work, his change could be due to any number of things beyond his control. If he's been this way since he started this class, it would have made more sense to pull him aside instead of blurting it out in front...See More
Feb 3, 2018
hsteacher I am not going to apologize because the student questioned my approach also in front of everyone. If he had waited a couple of minutes until the end of class and then spoken to me telling me he would prefer to be told the same thing in private, I would have respected his wishes. But as the authority in the room, you can't have children criticizing ...See More
Feb 3, 2018
hsteacher Anyone else?
Feb 9, 2018
4moreyears Sounds like y'all are in agreement: neither of you want to be "called out" in public.

Yeah, in a perfect world, you'd call the kid aside privately -- but you just can't always do the ideal thing. Shutting the conversation down was the best option at the time ... but if you're in a similar situation in the future, I'd say follow up the nex...See More
Mar 25, 2018

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