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How do you know when it is appropriate to call a student out on something in class and when it's unnecessary? For example, if you are giving instruction and a kid is talking, you can stop and wait until they realize what's going on and stop. On the other hand, you could call the kid's name and tell them to stop talking. In the second approach the kid gets embarrassed. It seems like teachers these days are super-sensitive about embarrassing kids. I'm not sure that it was this way when I was in school. So when do you call them over to tell them one-on-one and when do you call them out in front of the class? The fact is that sometimes you have to call them out. What's appropriate redirection and what is unnecessary embarrassment?
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haha It can be slow on many boards. Unfortunately, I think it is often the parents and by extension the administrators that are sensitive to any complaints, negativity they are hearing from children/students. I agree that sometimes you should be able to single a child out by name if they have not responded to other means of shaping their behavior (e.g, ...See More
Apr 18, 2018
hsteacher Sure. But I'm wondering what the LINE is with students. If you need to discuss something in depth, of course pull them aside. If you need to redirect them, is it okay to call out across the room (e.g. "Johnny, you need to get back on task, you lost points for talking instead of working just now!", vs. calling the kid over to your desk to tell them ...See More
Apr 21, 2018
Ana Rodriguez Hi. I am currently a student minoring in education and as part of that I go out for fieldwork in local K-12 schools. So far I have observed Kindergarten, Middle and high school. From both my observations and personal experience, I don't think it is "un-called" for to call out a student when they are talking wen they are not supposed to. This semest...See More
Apr 21, 2018
haha Like I said. The line is more with the parent and/or the admin they will complain to. It's impossible to predict what an individual child will take offense with and/or go home and complain about so all you can do be reasonable and professional in your dealings with student. Occasionally calling a student out by name in the middle of class/a lesson,...See More
Apr 22, 2018
Monty Your question reveals how much more sensitive teachers have become over the past few decades. It is difficult to draw the line between progress in ending the humiliation of students that was common in the past and overly coddling students who will find it hard when they leave classrooms and have to deal with the real world. I think there is nothing...See More
Jun 13, 2018

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