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It is 6 years old. When we got it, we ordered it with extra memory. We used it for our business until 2 years ago. Just last year, we got internet service here at home and ever since it has had issues. It will freeze up often. It takes forever to boot up. When I try to login to my email thru Outlook, it comes up with a box preparing to install outlook 2003. I could get into my email only after hitting cancel once for each message. Often when I am online, it will give me a message saying that our firewall is blocking access to sites. Now, it won't let me on the internet at all. What is wrong? I am thinking that it must have something to do with the configurations? I can use the laptop as a wireless, but I really need my desktop. Oh, I just added an external hard drive. Because of all the issues it has been having, I have wanted to back up all of my photos and docs. I have been wondering if it would be worth it to take it into the shop and having the hard drive wiped and then just instal...See More
Heath Carter Good Afternoon, sorry to hear about your problems. Lots of junk on the Hard Drive can defiantly slow system speeds down. The main problem is probably just the system is old and outdated, 6 years for a desktop is like 50 years for a car. A few tips to maybe help though:

1) When you remove files, whenever possible use the uninstall function ...See More
Jul 15, 2008
Mint As long as you backup your "My Documents" folder, then you can wipe it and reinstall everything from scratch. You could pay a shop to do it for you, but I would rather do it in 15 minutes for free rather then pay someone $100-$200 and have it take days to come back.

An XP disc typically wipes everything when it installs.

I have a ...See More
Aug 17, 2008
Ron On 8/17/08, Mint wrote: >As long as you backup your "My Documents" folder, then you can >wipe it and reinstall everything from scratch.

Actually, I would backup you entire user folder that will contain sub-folders such as: Downloads, Pictures, Music, AppData, etc.
Oct 20, 2009

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